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Beauty Treatments in Lavington

Life can be busy—and if you’re looking for a break from all the hustle with a rejuvenating pamper session, come to Madison Hair & Beauty Studio in Lavington.

The moment you enter our beauty studio, you will immediately feel relaxed. We have created a serene, blissful sanctuary where you can reward yourself with different treatments, from lash lifts to skin therapy.
Waxing — Hair & Beauty Studio in Lavington, NSW




We offer all facial waxing including chin, lips, side of face, and brows. We pride ourselves on re-shaping and giving brows dimension. Gentle on the skin and reduced discomfort. We offer henna or tint to darken and give you depth.




We offer a wide range of skincare options. These skin therapies focus on areas where particular attention is desired, such as fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, rosacea, hydration, exfoliation, mesotherapy, professional chemical peels, skin needling, micro needling, microdermabrasion, LED therapy, and treatments to brighten your skin.
Skin Therapy — Hair & Beauty Studio in Lavington, NSW




Before we begin any skin treatment or recommend any take home skin care products we make sure to check and assess the condition and needs of your skin. We want to give you the full benefits of the products we recommend. That’s why we offer free 30 minute free skin analysis.
If you require a beauty treatment that’s not listed here, please feel free to call or come by for a chat.



Asked Questions

What is a paramedical facial?
Paramedical facials are treatments that work to improve functioning of the skin so it can work at its best. Treatments such as microneedling can be used for conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, acne, pigmentation and even skin aging.
What is a lash lift?
What are the benefits of waxing facial hair?
Facial and lips — Hair & Beauty Studio in Lavington, NSW